• , from USA

    Isabelle was such a wonderful tour guide of Paris. We had so much fun with her. I think she had as much fun with us, which made the tour so comfortable and informative. To see so much in the little time we had and not feel rushed is a credit to her ability as a tour guide. She was so warm and friendly that we feel like we now have family in Paris and will always keep in touch.

  • , from USA

    As a father of two extremely active young children, I was nervous to sign up for any tours. Based on the recommendation of a friend of the family, I sought out Isabelle and scheduled a tour with her. I could not be more happy that I did because she has a magical way of incorporating activities with her amazing storytelling to make the history of Paris come alive for my kids and remain in their memories. It was a full day of touring the entire city due to our schedule, but by the end of the day my daughter was holding Isabelle's hand and the kids were asking to have Isabelle to tell us bout every other city we visited. Isabelle was able to read and respond to my kids energy level and adjust the tour to incorporate breaks or play that was truly amazing, and I believe that was what made it even more enjoyable. My wife and I learned almost as much as the kids, but we had the extra joy of seeing them engaged and excited to learn from Isabelle. I hope we get a chance to return to Paris soon, but we will adjust the timing of our visit so that we will have Isabelle with us when we do return.

  • , from USA

    Well, we have finally made it back to the states after an amazing adventure in Europe. I just wanted to extend our sincere appreciation for the vast knowledge of Paris that you gave us during our time there. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our visit and we were able to gain so much added value by having you there. Good luck to you going forward, and we'll definitely recommend you for anyone we know planning a trip.

  • , from Australia

    I travelled to Paris with my husband, two children and my parents in September 2016. We arranged with Isabelle to take a tour of Le Marais and the Louvre Museum. In preparation for our trip we found our communication with Isabelle excellent; she was quick to respond to all emails and went out of her way to make suggestions to help with our planning. From the time we met Isabelle, she was so friendly, flexible and funny. We were such a diverse range of ages, and Isabelle seamlessly catered for us all. Isabelle generously went out of her way to provide support even after our tours had finished, something most would not have done. Her attention to detail and care made our time with Isabelle exciting, fun filled and historically interesting. We cannot thank you enough Isabelle, for making our trip to Paris so memorable!!

  • , from USA

    Thanks for a fun, informative day Isabelle. You made Paris easy to get around! I loved all the little information about the Notre Dame sculptures, the moat at the Louvre, and Greek statues and details about the famous Mona Lisa.
    Will definitely recommend you to friends and we hope to see you again should we be fortunate to visit Paris again.

  • , from Hong Kong

    Me and my eldest son, who is turning 10 years old soon, visited Paris last week to see the French Open. We spent two mornings with Isabelle - visited the Louvre and did the street art hunt together, which turned out to be the highlights of our trip!
    Isabelle is very friendly, patient and good with kids, knowledgeable in various subjects (such as Greek mythologies, paintings, artists, history, you name it). Most importantly, she is fun to hang out with. Would definitely recommend Isabelle to anyone who wants to explore Paris with a unique experience. Thanks and hope to see you again Isabelle.

  • , from USA

    Having Isabelle as our tour guide was the best decision we made! She was friendly, sweet and extremely knowledgeable. We toured the Louvre, Notre Dame and the catacombs together. She had great visual aids that helped her explanations. She's fantastic with children! Very attentive to our teenage daughter, making sure her interest was held the entire time. At the end of our time together, she dropped us off at a really cool area and even emailed me later some wonderful shopping suggestions.

  • , from USA

    Our Pompidou tour with Isabelle was a highlight of our Parisian adventure. The Pompidou is unlike any other museum in Paris, and seeing it with Isabelle made us appreciate it and the modern art it houses even more. At first, I was worried our four year old daughter would not have the attention span to last through a two hour tour, but I'm now confident she could have done a full day tour with Isabelle. Isabelle brought stickers, activity pages, and even did some arts and crafts with her. She would even take her to a painting while we checked out the rest of the room. She made it all about our daughter; so of course, it was one of our daughter’s favorite parts of the trip. We’ve been back home for a few weeks now, and she says the best part of her trip was her tour guides. She still knows the pipe colors and what they represent. If you’d like to know, take the tour. I’m confident you will not be disappointed. Merci Isabelle. À bientôt.

  • , from London

    Thank you again for the wonderful tour - the girls couldn't stop talking about it and they spotted quite a few diamonds in other areas of Paris yesterday!

  • , from Lisbon, Portugal

    Thank you for such a great tour and a complete introduction to Paris last week. We all learnt so much! We have now returned home, but the kids still talk about your tour and mention your name when sharing our travel experience with our friends.

  • , from Chicago - USA

    Our family spent four days with Isabelle exploring the streets and historical landmarks of Paris. We arrived knowing little of French history, culture and art, but returned home with our minds bursting with information about architecture, kings, Saint Denis, street art and more. We really liked how Isabelle unraveled the history while touring. She would draw points of interest together to create a total picture of Paris and French history. Isabelle wowed our family of two teen boys and parents!

  • , from USA

    Isabelle’s tour of Versailles was great. We saw the highlights and got the key facts, but Isabelle’s touch with a family was extremely thoughtful and intuitive. She knew when to engage each of the children in order to keep them interested. She also knew when to move us to the gardens, understanding that the two youngest needed a change of scenery. Isabelle made our trip delightful and memorable. She has a great touch with families.

  • , from USA

    Isabelle was a spectacular guide! She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and had an ability to manage our tours with her in a way that made it fun and interesting for myself as well as my 13 year old daughter. Our two days with her really set the tone for a fantastic trip! I especially appreciated that she listened to our needs and adapted accordingly. We left the tours energized, educated and never once felt rushed. I would absolutely book her again!

  • , from New York City

    Isabelle was a phenomenal tour guide. She spent 5 days with our family exploring Paris. Our children, ages 11 and 13, learned an enormous amount about the history of Paris as well as interesting stories about artists and the significance of their work. They left Paris with an appreciation of the French culture. Isabelle was enthusiastic, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. She was always prompt and helpful with any questions. We highly recommend her as a guide.

  • , from USA

    If you find yourself in Paris and looking for a tour guide, I recommend Isabelle Southgate. We had a 24 hour layover and wanted to see Paris, so we hired her. My girls had been traveling for 2 weeks and we were on our way home. They did not want a "tour", but I knew that to see Paris we would need guidance. Neither Scott nor I spoke French and based on my experience 23 years ago, this would make or break our experience in Paris. Isabelle Southgate did not disappoint. The girls (and us) loved her! Here is Kjersti's review of Isabelle Southgate: "When she says that she is 'Family Friendly', she means it. She focuses on the kids, but than will also aim questions to the adults, keeping everyone tuned in and on the edges of their seats… well if you see sitting somewhere… if not than… I think you know what I mean. She is also flexible with your schedule. Tell her what you want and she will try and get you there. Like macrons? Want to try a macrons for the first time? She will bring you to THE BEST macaron shop EVER (and if you like photography, there is a cool store across the street.)! She will also help with translations and where to buy food. If you do choose her (please do), do the Louvre with her. It may take days to see the entire museum, she will show you highlights with you in less than one hour. She also takes care of bus tickets and tickets for museums. She keeps the tour fast and fun for all. So please… choose Isabelle.”

  • , from USA

    If you are heading to Paris with young children to teens and are looking for a guide that will be kid oriented and engage them as well as give the adults in you group a spectacular tour of Paris — STOP — look no further. — hire Isabelle Southgate now for a wonderful introduction and in depth tour of Paris.

    We were fortunate to have engaged Isabelle for two wonderful days on our recent visit to Paris — We were 3 kids (ages 13, 10 & 9) and 3 adults . The 10 year old boy in our group had no interest in spending a day touring churches and museums and made it quite clear from the beginning that he was bored. That was until 10 - 20 mins into our 1st day with Isabelle — she had totally engaged him and sparked his intrest by pointing out sites and stories that he could relate to. She had him hooked as well as the rest of us for the rest of the tour. At the end of the 1st day — he said “ I thought I was not going to like today — but I loved Isabelle as a tour guide and I am looking forward to another tour with her tomorrow.

    Isabelle did not dissapoint him or any of us. — She is extremely knowledgeable and delivers with great enthusiasm. Having traveled to over 55 countries with multiple tour guides — she is clearly one of the top 3 tour guide that we have every experienced and # 1 with children. As I said — don’t waste you time looking any further — hire Isabelle.

  • , from USA

    Thank you for your kindness and expertise! You were so knowledgeable....walking Wikipedia! We will spread the word to any friends traveling to Paris..."you must have Isabelle!"

  • , from USA

    We had so much fun with you on our two tours. Thank you so much. It makes such a difference when the information is geared towards kids and the guide understands limitations and attention spans.

  • , from Boca Raton, FL - USA

    My wife and 2 children (ages 5 & 8) spent two weeks in Europe in June of 2016. It’s always tough managing young kids while traveling but even tougher when you’re trying to enjoy historic sites and museums. From the moment my children met Isabelle, they were engaged, interested, and absorbing all the history that Paris has to offer. Not only was the tour educational for the kids, my wife and I learned a great deal as well. Even though it wasn’t our first trip to Paris. We are so glad we found Isabelle for our trip. It was definitely one of the highlights!

  • , from England

    Our day with Isabelle was amazing. Love the preparation, thought and care placed into the planning and execution of our day. Our girls loved every minute of the tour and had so much fun with all of the activities Isabelle had come up with. We learned a lot and our time together flew by. We would highly, highly recommend Isabelle to families wanting to have a fun day learning about this great city. Thanks Isabelle! We will see you again soon :)

  • , from India

    It was really nice that you could take the time out to show the 'real Paris' to us. We had a great time. The kids loved you. Thanks for your guidance.

  • , from Texas - USA

    We had wonderful experience with Isabelle and highly recommend her for anyone wanting a private tour. Our guide was everything you would want when selecting someone to guide you and explain not only the history but help out with any non-tour related request. When we make back to Paris we will definitely look for Isabelle. We spend enough time with Isabelle we see her as more a friend than tour guide.

  • , from Australia

    We really enjoyed your Louvre tour. Many thanks. A great introduction for the children and we found it very interesting as well.

  • , from Australia

    Merci again for today. We had all had a wonderful time. We quizzed the kids over dinner and were amazed at how much they learnt.

  • , from USA

    I booked Isabelle for our (2 adults,17 and 15yo) one day in Paris. We told her all the things that we wanted to see and she came up with a plan for the day and had all tickets purchased so no lines to wait in, it was perfect. When we arrived my daughter had a couple additional requests and she was able to make all of those happen too. She showed us unique things that we had not even thought to request and still kept us right on schedule with out ever feeling rushed. Highly recommend!

  • , from Boston - USA

    Thank you again for a great experience. The highlight of the trip for my kids was the street art tour. Thank you so much and it was a pleasure meeting you.

  • , from USA

    Thank you so much for the delightful tour you gave us yesterday. We all had so much fun and we kept on spotting street art as we walked!! The children adored you and we are so appreciative of your efforts with them.

  • , from USA

    We wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Paris. Walking through the local neighborhoods (Le Marais, Montmartre), using some public transport, eating at local cafes made the experience so much more enriching. We felt connected to the city. Will contact you again when we visit.

  • , from USA

    Thank you again for the wonderful tour. It was number two on Piper's favorites in Paris next only to the Eiffel Tower! We thoroughly enjoyed the company as well. Your knowledge of the city's history and your ease in engaging children is remarkable.

  • , from USA

    Fantastic Louvre tour. Our 4 grandchildren (all about 20 yo) loved the explanation and stories behind the the art and sculptures. We next go with Isabelle to Versailles and we are all excited!!

  • , from Australia

    We would like to thank you because the last 3 days for us has been amazing!!! The stories and mysteries and history was all so fascinating. Overall the tours were full of fun and we are really happy that we got this chance.

  • , from Canada

    Our family of 5 spent 3 fantastic days with Isabelle in the heart of Paris and Versailles. Our children took an immediate liking to her which made us comfortable. She also allowed us, as adults, an opportunity to ask questions about the places we visited and history behind the sites. Isabelle made our visit everything we could have hoped for, and made it a fantastic memory for our children, as they want to go back to Paris and see and LEARN more. We can't wait to visit again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • , from Seattle - USA

    We thank you so much for your time and your thoughtful approach. You helped make our son's first experiences in France extremely positive.

  • , from Denver - USA

    Thanks again for a great day yesterday. We walked around the city today and the girls were pointing out everything they learned. They saw a big "N" on one of the small bridges on the right bank of Notre Dame island and said, "Look Napoleon". It was very educational and we will have memories that will last a life time.

  • , from USA

    Thank you again for your wonderful tours. We loved being in Paris, and your enthusiasm and expertise really enriched our experience.

  • , from Dublin

    Thanks for a great tour, it was a tricky one as the weather was against us, quite wet & cold BUT we soldiered on & our Isobel (5 years) enjoyed it! We really enjoyed the help Isabelle gave us in discovering a little bit of Paris & leading us through streets we would never have found especially with 2 kids! It certainly took a lot of pressure off of us & allowed us to enjoy the experience that much more. Thank you Isabelle & hopefully we will see you again in Paris or Dublin.

  • , from London

    Isabelle was very informative, friendly and accommodating to all guide us to all the prominent artworks that were in the Louvre. Excellent, would highly recommend.

  • , from USA

    I wanted to thank you so much for two fabulous tours of Paris. You were so great for all of us . . . The tour of historic Paris was so informative to people who simply had no idea of the extent of French history. The tours of Notre Dame, the Louvre, and especially the information about the “street art” were much appreciated.

  • , from NYC

    Just a quick thank you for the amazing time during the space invader tour. You are a hit with Allie and Isabella who won't stop telling everyone how awesome it was. We enjoyed learning a different side of Paris normally not ventured as well!

  • , from USA

    We had a GREAT outing with Isabelle. She met us at our apartment in the morning, took us on the Metro to the Latin Quarter, through Notre Dame, and then guided us through La Marais. She has a wonderful personality and is a font of knowledge about all things concerning Paris. It was an absolutely perfect day. We will use her services again the next time we're Paris. I highly recommend her.

  • , from USA

    Thank you for a wonderful 2days. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and organization was simply superb. We could have never seen Paris like we did without you.

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  • , from Colorado, USA

    You really made our trip to Paris a total pleasure. It was delightful meeting you and of course you have an invitation to Boulder, CO. I will cook for you. Thanks a million!!!

  • , from Singapore

    Our family have an amazing holiday thank to your excellent service . We just like your many customers , physically tired ( especial the legs , ha ha ) as you stretched our limit but we are so happy.

  • , from UK

    Sent my 6-year old son today on a Space Invader tour with Isabelle. He went reluctantly, and came back absolutely excited (and exhausted from a 3-hour walk). Isabelle is lovely, and professional, and absolutely knows what she is doing. This was worth every cent and I can highly recommend this.

  • , from USA

    Isabelle was an excellent tour guide. We had 8 people with us (four adults and four children: 17,12,13,and 16). We booked her for a visit to Versailles and wished we could have taken Isabelle on more of our excursions. She enhanced the visit by providing excellent historical knowledge and helped us navigate the busy tourist area. All of us enjoyed our time with her. We were all English speaking and she was very easy to understand. We highly recommend her for your next trip.

  • , from USA

    Isabelle was great. Our 3 children (16, 14 & 12) were all entertained. She has vast knowledge of Paris. She has a beautiful accent as well. She was kind in answering many questions prior to our arrival. She also offered several suggestions regarding attractions where we could enjoy on our own. Definitely recommend.

  • , from USA

    Isabelle was knowledgeable and charming. She helped up refine our goals and paid careful attention to our desires. While she was very good with the 3 adults she was outstanding with the 2 young boys. She taught them even though there were times I'm not sure they wanted to learn. I particularly enjoyed her insight into the French people. Too bad we didn't have more time to spend with her.

  • , from USA

    Our tour with Isabelle was really great. She expertly navigated a group of multiple ages, keeping both children and adults engaged. We learned so much and it taught us a new way to look at Paris. We will be here for three months and the tour will definitely be a highlight with lasting impact as we walk around Paris. It's been just 24 hours but we've already spotted multiple bikes on walls, space invaders and other street art that Isabelle taught us to look for. Thank you.

  • , from Guatemala

    Isabelle made our trip! She is very knowledgable about history, traditions, art, and Parisians. We had a great time at the Louvre, we got to see the hidden jewels exhibited. She kept our teenage daughter interested the whole time she was with us.

  • , from Louisiana, USA

    I cannot thank you enough for showing us the real Paris. I would not have liked the typical tourist tour of Paris and love the city I saw through your eyes!! If we come back in October, I'll be in touch.

  • , from USA

    We spent a day at Versailles with Isabelle and she was fun, knowledgeable, knew how to maneuver us through the people traffic and most helpful. We were on a tight timetable to accomplish this visit and she was prompt in meeting us at our hotel in the a.m. and getting us back at the right time at the end of the day. She was terrific!

  • , from Houston, USA

    We had a wonderful half day tour with Isabelle. She was very accommodating to our schedule and perfectly tailored our tour so that it was as fun and interesting for the adults as it was for our three year old. Thanks to Isabelle's excellent tour our quick stop in Paris became a cherished family memory! If you have children, Isabelle has some great ideas to keep them involved and learning about their surroundings.

  • , from Los Angeles, USA

    The wonderful memories that you created for us will linger forever. Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful guide and for instilling in us your love for Paris.. It truly was an experience of a lifetime for all three of us. Allen and I were happy that Chloe was able to see Paris through the eyes of such a knowledgable and enthusiastic person.

  • , from Atlanta, USA

    All of us really enjoyed our time we spent in France with you. Thanks for all of your planning and time that made for a wonderful stay in Paris!

  • , from USA

    Isabelle was a fantastic guide for the day. Knowledgeable, engaging, and just a very lovely person. We had a group of seven - three of which were children between the ages of 4-6. The children on the tour thoroughly enjoyed her company as she guided our children through the Marais district for a treasure hunt where the children seek out street art peppered in and around the buildings of Paris. The kids were so engaged that even a week after our trip, my daughter is still talking about the space invaders she saw in Paris! The adults in the group also enjoyed the tour - Isabelle made sure to weave in local knowledge and history throughout the walk as well. All in all, Isabelle was a pleasure, this was a highlight of our trip and would highly recommend to anyone traveling to Paris with family.

  • , from USA

    Isabelle was outstanding. She customized a 3 hour tour in response to the places we wanted to see and she provided excellent commentary which was interesting and educational to my wife and I as well as to our 2 children ages 13 and 11.

  • , from USA

    Our tour with Isabelle was truly one of the highlights of our recent family trip to Paris. We have two daughters (ages 9 & 12) and Isabelle kept them engaged for the full 3 hour walking tour. Both my husband and I had been to Paris several times (it was the girls' first trip), and we were just as amazed as they were, learning about the street art posted on so many of the buildings throughout the Marais. An experience we will never forget. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • , from Switzerland

    Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time. The kids had a lot of fun and are walking now through the city with wide open eyes!

  • , from USA

    Walked around paris with isabelle, my hubby & 2 kids (9 & 6). we had the best time. this is an awesome way to discover paris. she gave us lots of tips, very knowledgeable. best way to avoid tourist traps.

  • , from Austin, Texas, USA

    Thank you very much for a wonderful tour today, the kids had a wonderful time!!!

  • , from Hong Kong

    Isabelle, you're such a great tour guide!! We're so lucky to have you with us in paris! :D You're so nice and helpful and offers a lot of useful information.

  • , from Connecticut, USA

    We had a great time with you, thanks for being patient with the kids!!

  • , from Los Angeles, USA

    Thank you, a million times, for spending time with us. Absolutely made our trip so fabulous.

  • , from Boston, USA

    Thanks again for taking us around today. We hope our paths will cross again. We would love to spend more time with you.

  • , from Malaysia

    Thank you soooooo much for all your help while we were in Paris. We had a lovely time with you visiting all the amazingly awesome sights. The kids keep talking about it and you.